Hong Kong Company Setup

Below are some compliance requirements of a Hong Kong limited company:

If you want to do business in Hong Kong, you can choose to set up a Limited company. You can set up a new shareholding limited liability company, or buy a “ready-made” one , all ready-made companies are new and have never been operated.

All Hong Kong limited companies are bound by Companies Ordinance, Hong Kong Ordinance Chapter 622. You may refer the related provisions of the Ordinance in Hong Kong Government web site.

Services of Incorporation of Hong Kong Limited Company included:

  • Professional advice and name search
  • Preparation and submission of documents related to company establishing (Includes preparation and filing of documents related to appointment of first director(s), secretary and registered office)
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Provision of full set of office company kit set (“Green Box Set”) which includes A.A., statutory registered book, share certificate book, two company pre-inked chops, statutory metal seal and packing green box
  • Application for a Business Registration Certificate
  • Director minutes for opening bank account
  • Free professional accountant consultation related to accounting, taxation and audit, etc.

Registration Hong Kong Limited – procedures:

  1. name search (which may include Company name in English & Chinese) (real-time search and provide result / suggestion)
  2. client provides company information (including shareholders & directors  name and a photocopy of I.D./passport, etc.)
  3. pay deposit
  4. sign all necessary legal documents
  5. we submit documents to the Hong Kong Government for approval (1 to 4 working days (not including the filing date) to complete the examination and approval procedures,  issued with a Certificate of Incorporation (C.I.) )
  6. we help to apply for Business Registration Certificate and to make company kit set “Green Box”  ( includes copies of A.A., statutory registered book, share certificate book, two company pre-inked chops, statutory metal seal and packing green box )
  7. the procedure is completed and arrangements for collection (pay the balance, the Green Box can be directly courier to your designated locations)

(You only need to provide simple information with the shareholders / directors I.D. card or passport photocopy, fax or e-mail to us)

Buy ready-made shell Hong Kong Limited and related costs:

If you rush to open a Hong Kong Limited, to buy a “ready-made” limited (which did not operate and do not involve any debt) is another choice, (we would sign the related confirmation in order to protect the right of you). The procedure is simple and the complete time will be shortened to 1-3 days, quick procedures, and that is very fast to sign business documents / contracts, and open a bank account.
(Fees only add HK$ 500 compared to newly estabished Limited , as part of the share transfer services fees and Hong Kong Government stamp duty)

The conditions of buying ready-made Limited is similar to newly established Limited, except we will provide a list of companies for you to select your preferred Company Limited.

Buy ready-made shell Hong Kong Limited – procedure:

  1. selection of Company Name
  2. provide shareholders / directors information and photocopies of I.D / passport
  3. pay the deposit
  4. to sign all related  legal documents
  5. we went to Hong Kong Government to stamp the share transfer documents
  6. receive completed documents / certificate &  a full set of green box, and pay the balance

We also provide  statutory company secretarial services, registered Hong Kong address and provide business phone / fax, we provide one-stop services of preferential packages with reasonable price while providing real professional services.

Opening Bank Account:

Since we are in very good relationship and co-operation with some large international banks in Hong Kong, we can help to open bank account directly at the same time.