Overseas Company Setup

Overseas (Offshore) Company Limited Setup

Company set up in other jurisdictions is called Offshore Company. The countries or jurisdictions offer the company certain tax freedom in exchange for an annual license fee and also offer the convenience of opening bank accounts and financial management. These jurisdictions do not normally set restrictions on the nationality of the director and shareholder and facilitate easier flow of money. The purposes of forming an offshore company are usually for holding trusts, funds, stocks, properties etc.

  • Name search and application for Certificate of Incorporation
  • Preparation and filing of documents related to appointment of first Director(s) and Secretary
  • Provision of full set of office start-up kit which includes M&A, registers of members / directors / secretary, minute book, share certificate book, company metal seal and pre-inked chop, etc.

The Overseas Company Limited opened by our company for our clients mainly:

BVI (British Virgin Islands), Samoa & Seychelles, etc.
Clients can choose their own Company Limited name in English or in both English and Chinese.

The merits of operating this company are outlined as follows:

  1. The personal particulars of shareholders and directors shall not opened to general public (remark: These Overseas Company Limited require at least one shareholder and one director. Also, the shareholder and the director can be the same person.)(hold a valid Identity card or passport, no restriction on nationality);
  2. No local tax demanded for carrying business operations outside the Overseas countries, and no exchange control;
  3. No Profits Tax Return and no requirement for reporting profits and financial situations to the local Government;
  4. No requirement for meeting of shareholders and board of directors annually;
  5. No requirement for applying Business Registration License, no Annual Return and Profits Tax Return if the company does not carry business in Hong Kong;
  6. No Statutory Audit.

For the registration of a new Overseas Company Limited, generally, it takes 1-2 weeks;
Alternatively, for the Purchase of a ready made Overseas Company Limited, you can operate your company within 2-3 working days.
After registration a Hong Kong Company Limited, our company can arrange bank account opening and web banking

Documents required for registration and information

  1. Download our Overseas (offshore) Limited Application Form: Completed, together with the shareholders / directors ID card (passport), copy, fax or e-mail to us and then notify us, once we received the documents, wewill proceed immediately.
  2. The required information: the prosposed company name planned to be used (can be Chinese / English), basic information of all company shareholders / directors (including name, address, ID card / passport number), nature of business and shareholding ratio (if more than one shareholders), etc.

Opening Bank Account:

Since we are in very good relationship and co-operation with some large international banks in Hong Kong, we can help to open bank account directly at the same time.